"The Looming Tower" Premiere
Learning Ally - Audiobook Narration
The Drama League Awards
"Adulting with Jane" Premiere
Producing "That Reminds Me..."
"Daily Burn"
With Peter Sarsgaard-- "The Looming Tower"
"Two Rooms"
"Sanity Maintenance"
"The Alliance"
"Jessica Jones"
"We See Blue"
"Parent Teacher Conference"
"Valley High"
"That Reminds Me..." Premiere
"Adulting with Jane"
"You're the Pest" Premiere
Backstage with Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue- "Two Rooms"
Katra Film Festival- "Extinct"
Maine Media Workshops
"That Reminds Me..."
"Swordfight Christmas"
"The Bad Samaritan"
"Below the Line"